17 Winner Medical Produces the Premium Angio Pack


Winner Medical, a pioneer in the Chinese market, created an excellent angio pack with a full range of components and consistent quality. Look over the specifics.

Manufacturing Management

Angiography is a reliable process that can be used to inspect blood vessels and other problems when it is necessary to ascertain the condition of cerebral vessels, coronary arteries, venous thrombosis, arterial thrombosis, etc. Each angio pack produced by Winner Medical can be ethylene oxide sterilized at the production facility to meet the exacting sterility requirements of the process.

Complete Set

Angiography kits are made by Winner Medical and include things like angiography drapes, syringes, tubing, table covers, microscope covers, angiography fluid basins, towels, and gowns. All of these products have been disinfected using ethylene oxide to meet the sterility standards for angiography.


The quality of Winner Medical’s products is well-known on a global scale. The angiography pack is no different. They firmly believe that the medical sector can benefit from their top-notch medical disposables.

To meet the exacting requirements for product quality set by medical facilities for angiographic equipment, the design of the disposable angio pack provided by Winner Medical has been painstakingly enhanced. The company’s constant dedication to excellence fosters clients’ confidence in the products and services provided by Winner Medical. Look at Winner Medical‘s website for further information.


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