3 types of blouses that look appealing with a dirndl dress

dirndl dress

Do you think that dirndl dress comes only with a customary white blouse? If so, then think again! A contemporary dirndl has not only emerged as a fashion trend in recent years but also has progressed in terms of colors, designs, and fabric choices.

Dirndl dresses today are more adaptable and offer various choices. Contemporary dirndl blouses give a more trendy look as compared to vintage ones. You have more variations and preferences as per your body type. 

Let’s dive deeper into how a modern dirndl looks and how to pick an appropriate one with your dirndl dresses.

Dirndl dress blouses: what’s new?

It is factual that a German dirndl dress has come a long way. Originating from a Bavarian village in the 19th century, a dirndl today is considered the top trending fashion trend among women. A dress so rich in history is still connected to its roots.

Modern dirndl blouses provide more flattering cleavage and are easier to wear. The soft cotton and linen blend fabric make it comfortable to wear. 

Nonetheless, a dirndl blouse comes in various styles and designs. You must be keen about picking a dirndl blouse as it can either make or break your overall look.

Look at some of the most sensual dirndl blouses of the present time and decide on your own which one you want to wear.

  1. Lace dirndl blouse

Dirndl dresses look extravagant when paired with lace blouses. It gives you a refined look and compliments every type of dirndl dress. 

We all have been familiar with the fact that a dirndl dress is not merely for Oktoberfest; you can wear it at multiple events. So much so that it is the perfect pick for bridesmaids and bridal maxi dresses.

A lace dirndl blouse looks more elegant and sophisticated on women. These lace blouses are available in a high neck, v-neckline, and square neck. Also, such types of neck blouses give you room for accessories.

To make your German dirndl dress even more formal, you can accessorize it too. You can wear studs and a choker to complete your look even more tantalizing. 

  1. Black dirndl blouse

A black dirndl blouse compliments well with a modern dirndl. It can instantly catch the attention but also make you unique at Oktoberfest. Where most women are expected to wear a white dirndl, you can easily steal the spotlight by donning a black blouse. 

It can be made of either lace or cotton. A black dirndl blouse goes well with vibrant color dirndls. Also, contrasting colors like bright red, green, and orange look even more captivating. 

Dirndl dresses are also a popular choice for Halloween costumes. For such parties and events, you should opt for black blouses as it looks even more sensual at night!

  1. Ruffled style dirndl blouse

The most fashionable dirndl blouses of this season are undoubtedly ruffled ones. You can not ignore the fact that it beautifies a dirndl dress more. Also, a dirndl looks more traditional yet trendy. To add color contrast, you can also add frills and ribbons to these ruffled blouses. However, these short-sleeved blouses are not suitable for every body type.

How to choose a German dirndl dress blouse as per your body type?

Before buying a dirndl blouse, you have to examine your body closely. It is essential that your blouse fits you perfectly and combines well with your German dirndl dress. The guide illustrated below will help you choose the appropriate blouse.

  • Wide-shoulder type

Do not go for a puffy sleeve style blouse if you have wide shoulders. It will make you appear more broad and wide. To counter it you should wear a straight-cut sleeve blouse. Also, such blouses look more appealing in round, angular, oval, and heart-shaped necklines. Try wearing a detailed lace blouse if you wish to make it more elegant.

  • Flabby upper arm

Women with flabby upper arms can conveniently don a puffy sleeve blouse. However, don’t opt for off-shoulder blouses. Three-quarter and half sleeve blouses suit well with such body type.

  • Slim-fit

A sleeveless blouse looks perfect on young and slim-fit girls. Moreover, wearing a German dirndl dress in the winter season, a puffy sleeve blouse will also give you an edge at events.

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