84-Degree Thrills: A Look at Garden Grove’s water parks in california

water parks in california

Are you looking for an indoor activity to do with your family this winter? If so, Garden Grove’s 84-degree waterpark might be the place for you! Set in an 84-degree indoor space and located in the city of Garden Grove, this waterpark has something to offer everyone from toddlers to grandparents, from thrill seekers to families. Here’s a look at what makes this place special and why it’s the best thing to do when it’s cold outside!

The Property:

In the early days of 2016, the future site of 84°Fahrenheit opened in Garden Grove. The property has been busy keeping families entertained with its impressive selection of water slides, thrill rides, activity pools, play ponds and more! Located in the city of Garden Grove, the 84°Fahrenheit indoor waterpark offers a variety of fun for guests who are 12 years old or older. Guests can enjoy an impressive selection of water slides including a tube slide and body slide.

The Water Slides
If you’re a water parks in california enthusiast, there are plenty of slides for you to enjoy. Some of the more popular water slides include the following:

  • Triple Twister
  • Double Twister (a two lane slide with two twists)
  • The Tornado (featuring an uphill climb and spiraling looping turns)
  • Sidewinder (A unique twist that features an uphill climb followed by three drops)

The Thrill Rides
The first thrill ride that I recommend is the Tidal Wave, which is a tube slide. The Tidal Wave consists of a walk up staircase with two lanes to choose from. You pick the lane that you want to go down, and then you wait for your turn. Once it is your turn, you will walk into the tube and hold onto the side handles as you are being pushed down the water slide. This has got to be my favorite thrill because it gives an extra adrenaline rush!
The second thrill ride that I recommend is Volcano Mountain. Volcano Mountain consists of a single lane tube slide with a steep drop right out of the gate. It is not only very thrilling but also very wet!

The Activity Pools
What makes this waterpark so special is that it offers a variety of interactive activity pools for guests. With the help of a lifeguard and an automated system, you will be able to submerge yourself in one of four different water environments. These include the tropical rainforest, white sand beach, ice cave or underwater grotto. You can also enjoy themed children’s play areas as well as a lazy river, wave pool and more!

The Play Ponds
Play Ponds are designed for little ones, so they’ll always feel like they’re in a safe and fun environment. There are three different levels of play ponds, which are broken up by age ranges. The tot playground offers a large play structure and jungle gym with slides and tunnels. For kids who can take on the bigger water slides, there is the Adventure Play Pond that includes two giant waterslides.

The Location
Located in the city of Garden Grove, California, 84°Fahrenheit is the most popular destination for thrill seekers. The park features a variety of attractions, from water slides to rides and even an activity pool! The property has been busy keeping families entertained since it opened its doors back in 2016. Over the years, it has grown to include five acres of thrilling entertainment for all ages.

The Weather
It is best to have a water park in a location that has the ideal weather conditions. The temperature needs to be warm, so make sure you visit on a sunny day or plan your trip for the summer. It will also help if there are many trees around because they provide shade and help keep the air cool. If it is too hot outside, then you will want to try and find a water park inside an indoor facility.


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