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Ridesharing is becoming increasingly popular among people. The reason for its popularity is that it helps to save money and protect the environment. Why is it preferred over public transport? People get to choose their pickup points instead of waiting for the transport.

This helps to save money as well as time. But with the increasing population, the rate of accidents is escalating. This is why it’s necessary to have an Attorney in Fort Lauderdale for Rideshare accident.

What are Rideshare services?

Many companies hire drivers under their company to provide rideshare services. The drivers use their vehicles for this purpose and get a monthly salary for the services. They have apps to book the vehicle. People use the apps to decide the pickup and drop points.

Why is there a need for an Attorney for Rideshare accidents?

The rules for rideshare accidents differ from normal accidents. It is a complex process that involves two drivers. There are different types of insurance involved in the accident. The driver can be on duty or off duty. And most of the time, companies try to shake their fault. An Attorney for Rideshare accident knows about the rules and can help to claim the right insurance. Both the driver of another car and the passenger of the rideshare car can hire an attorney.

What types of insurance are involved?

  • Rideshare driver’s insurance – If the driver is not using the app, the driver is not working for the company. At that time, the passenger or the driver cannot claim the insurance of the rideshare company.
  • Rideshare company’s insurance – This is the insurance from the company side. When the accident happens with the driver on duty, the driver or the passenger can claim the company’s insurance.
  • The fault of another driver – If you are the passenger of a rideshare and the other driver is at fault, then you can claim the driver’s personal insurance.
  • No insurance policy – If the other driver doesn’t have insurance, the company has no insurance policy.

Steps to be followed after the accident

  1. The first step is to call an emergency in case anyone is hurt. And to get checked for all kinds of injuries.
  • The second step is to take all the photos and videos for proof. It can help to file a lawsuit for an insurance claim.
  • Then it is necessary to make contact with lawsuits.
  • Then one needs to find out about the insurance.
  • One can find an attorney after this to claim the insurance. Finding an attorney might be useful.
  • It is necessary not to discuss things with anyone.
  • It is necessary to inform the rideshare company about the incident.

What are things covered under insurance?

  • Medical expenses: The insurance money covers all the medical expenses caused due to the injury during the accident. If any death happens, the insurance company gives the money to the family. It also covers the expenses of another driver depending upon the fault.
  • Salary: The loss of money of salary is covered under insurance if the injured person misses work for some days. It helps to keep the financial condition balanced during non-working days.
  • Damage to the vehicle: Insurance money also covers the damage to the vehicle. Repairing the vehicle can be a costly process. So it’s necessary to take the help of the insurance policy to save from such expenses.

In adverse conditions like accidents, it is necessary to get financial help if possible. So claiming insurance can serve as a ray of hope in bad situations.


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