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Best 3 Tripod Vlogging In today’s time, more and more people do the work of making videos, photos, games and reels etc. on social media and it has increased so much in a short time that today every other person has reached millions of his skills. has been 

That’s why they need a good Hindustan news and cheap tripod for good quality in their videos and today we will talk about the same. That’s why they first need a good tripod so that they can make photos, videos well.

Through today’s post, I am going to tell you about the best 3 Tripod Vlogging, so let’s see –

Why is Best 3 Tripod Vlogging Important  ?

Friends, this question is also very important that after all, without a tripod, can we not take any videos or photos?

Yes, you can do all the work without a tripod, but if you have a good tripod, then you will get a lot of help in taking videos, photos and you will see the difference in the quality of your videos and photos night and day.

Many times it must have happened to you that whenever you are making videos, your hand starts hurting many times and many times you are not able to take the thing you want to take a photo of, so for this you only tripod will prove to be helpful. 

1 . Xiaomi Bluetooth  Selfie Stick

tripod for videography and photography

Xiaomi selfie stick of Mi brand is an amazing tripod.

1 .Its Micro USB One Enabled Recharge With Bluetooth Shutter Remote.

2. A good detachable bluetooth shutter remote |

3. 19 cm long is bent and 51 cm long.

4. The phone holder is fully 360 degree rotatable and comes with a non-slip adjustable grip.

5. Its monopod is made of an aluminum alloy which is the main thing.

6. This tripod is very light which weighs 155 grams.

7. The special thing in this is that no extra battery is required in this.

8. Its manufacturer is Beijing yueme Technology, whose quality is uncountable all over the world.

9. Its price in India is only 1100 rupees which is in a good price. 

Friends, this tripod is cheap and very good, you can start your videography and photography with this.

2. Di-gitek DTR 550 LW Tripod

best Tripod under 2000k

1. This tripod is used well with almost all video cameras and digital cameras, steel cameras, gropo and mobiles.

2. Its total weight is 1.2 kg, which you cannot consider too heavy.

3. The main special thing in this is that there is rubber under its stand, due to which it stays in place. Because the main reason for a tripod should be how strong its grip is.

4. The grip of this tripod has been given a very amazing grip.

5. In this you have also been given a handle, with the help of which you can hold it.

6. It is very amazing to have folding in it, you can easily fold it and take it anywhere

7. It has a hook at the bottom on which you can hang your tripod’s related stuff.

8. Its height is up to 5.8 inches, which is a very good thing, which helps you a lot in making videos.

9. This tripod is great for photographers and videography only.

10. You can rotate it up to 360 degrees.

Its price in India is only Rs.1499. Friends, according to me, every person can buy it because it was made because of this reason that everyone can buy it.

3 . Mini Moza Tripod (Best 3 Tripod vlogging) –

best 3 Tripod For blogging

Mini moza tripod is a bit expensive than both the above mentioned tripods but its quality is very good.

1. Mini stocking company is from China, the reason is very less, they weigh around 500 grams, which you can take anywhere.

2. Talking about their battery, it easily lasts for 6 to 8 hours.

3. Its color comes in black which gives a very attractive look.

4. Its inception mode is very amazing.

5. Its Dolly zooming is amazing, you can shoot in slow-motion, spot gear mode, vertigo mode and hyper lapse.

It will cost you around Rs.5999 in India

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Friends, in today’s post ( Best 3 Tripod Vlogging ), I have told today about those tripods with which any person can start his own videography or photographer.

Friends, if you are looking for a tripod for YouTube and you do not have much budget, then I will give you the opinion that you can make a good video by buying these tripods.

If you like the information given by me, then share it with your friends who want to make their career by making videos and you too can do good quality videography through these tripods.

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