Does Pat Sajak Wear a Toupee?


Pat Sajak was born in 1946.  It is common knowledge that he is one of the most well-liked hosts of television game shows in the United States. In particular, he was known for his lengthy tenure as the host of the game program Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak’s previous occupations include that of a radio disc jockey and a weatherman. He spent some of his younger years serving in the Army of the United States of America.

Pat, who has been the main host of the well-known Wheel of Fortune program since 1983, is responsible for bringing a fresh vibe to the show ever since he took over in that role. He has garnered an enormous amount of admiration and curiosity from audiences all over the world.

 Pat Sajak has been the host of the game show Wheel of Fortune since its inception in 1983. During his tenure as host, he has seen a wide variety of talented individuals win the show’s rewards.

Some believe he wears a toupee while others do not, in this article, we will dive deeper to examine that. We have shown interest in this topic because we are passionate about hair and toupees!

To the real kicker, does Pat Sajak wear a toupee?

Pat Sajak on the episode of Wheel of Fortune that aired on April 1, 2008, revealed that he had a secret. He confirmed that a toupee was present on his head at all times. His partner, Vanna White, was doubtful of what he had to say and did not believe him. After that, he gave Vanna permission to remove his toupee, which she did, exposing his bare head.

Since that time, the rumour that Pat Sajak was bald would continue to follow him around for years. However, a significant portion of the audience did not believe it and argued that it was an elaborate April Fool’s Joke. Someone said something along the lines of, “It seemed real, but was it all an April Fools’ Joke” The other participant claimed that the show’s makeup artists did an excellent job, but he did not have a bald head. The majority of people found the image of Pat Sajak without hair to be quite humorous, and the program’s script called for Pat Sajak to appear with synthetic hair. The man was said to have his own genuine hair, and it was only on this episode of the game show that he appeared to have a bald head. 

Is Pat Sajak’s hair real?

It may be difficult to accept the fact that a man who is over 70 years old has fuller hair than many younger men. We believe that Pat Sajak must have invested a significant amount of both time and money in order to achieve such a wonderful result with hair toupees. He has carefully selected a hair toupee that is brown mix gray to fit his old age.

Is Pat Sajak Bald?

Wheel of Fortune has been running for a very long time, and Pat Sajak is most famous for being its host. However, as time has passed, followers have developed an equal level of obsession with his hair as they have with the wheel itself. 

The simple straight response is an emphatic “NO.” In point of fact, Sajak’s hair is so full and shiny that it almost serves as its own character on Wheel of Fortune.

Pat’s hair has become noticeably thinner over the years, most likely as a result of both age and the excessive treatment he has subjected it to. Despite this, he still has a significantly larger amount of hair than the majority of males his age.

With the exception of a very small thinning at the hairline, Sajak’s hairline has remained relatively unchanged over the course of his life. However, in general, his hair is still in very good condition, he is not bald, but the hair on his head is becoming noticeably thinner with time and he has supported it with hair toupees.

Why Do Celebrities Wear Toupees? 

We have always thought celebrities to be perfect people in fashion, body and hair which is why the news has their focus on them.

Let’s see reasons why some of our favourite celebrities use toupees.

  • Most times, celebrities attend shows and events that requires them to put their best self forward
  • Thinning hair is a natural consequence of age and sadly, they have no control over that, the experience is never any less upsetting when it occurs. The event has the potential to have a significant impact on their self-confidence and may trigger negative feelings in them so they opt for hair toupees as the saviour
  • They use toupees to fight hair loss like and thinning of the hair like Pat Sajak and other male celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Brendan Fraser and Nicolas Cage among others

Best Hair Toupees for a Confident Look

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