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Are you planning to hike the Kheerganga? Are you unsure of the best timing to go to the stunning Kheerganga? Don’t fret. We’ve solved your problem This helpful guide will take you through every one of the months in Kheerganga. Find out all you need that you can learn about Kheerganga trekking weather.

Make sure to plan your trip for the summer months to make the most enjoyment. In Kheerganga it is the ideal time to trek. In this time of year, the temperature can range from 10degC up to 30 degrees. You can walk in a short amount of winter clothes, which means lesser weight on your bag. You can also visit the nearby tourist destinations like Kasol or Tosh Valley as well as kheerganga. The choice of the right option is essential.

March’s Kheerganga Trek

In the summer, most ideal timing to travel to Kheerganga is from March through May. At this time the snow begins to melt gradually, though there’s still snow in the upper regions. In this time it is less cold, temperatures range between 4 to 10 degrees Celsius. As the snow melts away in spring, the often-ignored wildlife is easier to spot as they look for waters along rivers.

April’s Kheerganga Trek

From March through March, snow slowly evaporated until it was gone. The weather is still nice, with temperatures that range from 8degC up to 14degC. This is the peak season for tourists within the valley of Parvati as well as Kheerganga. If you go in that first week, then you might witness snow falling. The melting snow creates a valley that blooms and shimmer into sparkling meadows that are green.

May’s Kheerganga Trek

May is an excellent month to trek along the Kheerganga trail. The temperatures will be moderately warm during the day , and refreshingly cool at night during this month. Temperatures vary from 7deg up to 16 degrees Celsius. If you’re looking for the most ideal time to visit Kheerganga it’s the month “May” can be a great selection.

May’s Kheerganga Trek

May is an excellent month to trek along the Kheerganga trail. The temperatures will be moderately warm in the daytime and wonderfully cool at night. month. The temperature ranges from 7deg to 16degC. If you’re searching the most ideal time to visit Kheerganga, this month “May” is a great option. The beautiful weather of this month also attracts a huge crowd.

June’s Kheerganga Trek

June is the summer’s hottest month and temperatures range from between 17 and 21 Celsius. When you go on a hike it is not necessary to wear thick woollens or warmers. A t-shirt , slacks and a slacks suffice. Since temperatures drop in the evening, it is advisable to carry a jacket for the evening. When you camp on the summit of Kheerganga the sky stays clean at night and you can see the constellations visible in the dark sky.

July’s Kheerganga Trek

The Parvati Valley will experience showers of premonsoon rain toward in June’s final days and the monsoon is expected to begin in July. The Parvati Valley is fine to go during the beginning of July because heavy rains will pose a major obstacle for trekkers in this area until September. Slick roads, slides and blocked roads are all possible. 12-16 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

August’s Kheerganga Trek

It is that time of the season when the valley is filled with beautiful greenery. Every inch and corner is regenerated by a stunning new look. The valley is adorned with various flowers that are a spectacle to behold. The temperature ranges between 11 and 17 ° Celsius. At this time the difficulty of the trek will increase. Since the region will be awash with greenery, you’ll be able see some of the valley’s less-known creatures close to the river.

September’s Kheerganga Trek

The season of celebration has begun! The monsoon is nearly gone this month, and the rainfall will be limited to only a few centimetres. The valley is bursting with color and energy. Enjoy the stunning views from the Kheerganga valley that is surrounded by lush greenery. The temperature is between 15 to 10-degrees Celsius.

October’s Kheerganga Trek

The fall season is upon us. Every leaf of green turns from golden to vibrant orange with the cool autumn air. Photographers must take advantage of the stunning Kheerganga valley during this moment. The temperature ranges between 18 and 11 , Celsius. The weather is stunning and serene. It’s not too hot or cold.

November’s Kheerganga Trek

The winter season begins in November. The temperature falls to 14degC maximum and 9degC at low, beginning the month of November. The valley appears uninteresting and boring, making the walk boring. While this might not be the ideal season to go to Kheerganga the cost is extremely affordable due to the off-season.

December’s Kheerganga Trek

This entire valley covered in beautiful snow during December. Between 5degC and 10degC temperatures remain below freezing. The snowfall typically begins at mid-month however, the possibility of snowfall is present throughout the entire month. The temperature can range between 0°C and -4°C during the time it is snowing. Warmers such as thermals, woollens or thermals as well as a coat are needed.

January’s Kheerganga Trek

Regarding kheerganga treks The month of January is the most cold month of the year. The temperatures range between 2 and 9 degree Celsius. In this region there is a small amount of wildlife. A majority of them are in hibernation. The more you climb in elevation, the lower your oxygen levels get more pronounced, and you’ll quickly get exhausted. During this time, snowfall can be heavy and the trails are covered under a 4 to 5 feet of snow.

February’s Kheerganga Trek

This valley is going to be covered by an even more dense blanket of snow. The majority of trails are closed and there is no accommodation accessible. The weather is pleasant with temperatures that range between 3 and 10-degrees Celsius. The temperature can drop to 0°C at night. The conditions remain the same as January. It isn’t recommended to visit during snowfalls that are heavy because the trails are filled with massive chasms, and there is an opportunity to lose paths.


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