Flight Delay Causes: The Biggest Mistakes Pilots Make

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For a good reason, the FAA places a premium on teaching pilots aeronautical decision-making (ADM). Competent ADM can ensure that you and your fellow Flights to Bangalore from USA travelers arrive at your destination safely and within the bounds of the law. While striving for excellence is commendable, it’s also important to recognize that even the most careful person might slip up sometimes.

Mistakenly taking to the skies when there are many valid reasons to stay on the ground is one of the most prevalent and potentially fatal errors pilots make. The pressure pilots sometimes feel to “get there” because of the people or things waiting for them; there is a common topic of conversation. It may be challenging to say “no” and reschedule a flight when they put pressure on us or when others put pressure on us.

A close friend (and former instrument flight teacher) perished in a tragic aircraft accident that might have been prevented by just not taking off. He had decades of single- and multi-engine flying expertise and 8,000 or more flight hours under his belt. Most pilots with years of expertise will overestimate their ability to handle a given situation, while less seasoned pilots may fail to recognize the severity of a given threat. So, seasoned pilots and novices should be ready to make the hard decisions and say “no” to flying when necessary.

Traveling by air is exciting, but delays may occur for reasons they don’t always understand and can significantly disrupt their plans. This article helps understand the factors that contribute to delays. If you have a flight delay on your next trip, you know why.

Plan your flight well in advance since airlines adhere to a strict timetable. The airline earns more money the longer its flights are in the air; therefore, landing and taking off at the optimal times is crucial. However, since everything is linked together, a delay on one plane immediately impacts the other.

Restriction of Air Traffic Control

Planes require clearance from air traffic controllers. It may become hectic up there with all the aircraft flying around. Therefore, they must give landing and plane separation top priority. Sometimes it’s best to wait until they’ve got everything under control.

Attacks by Birds

Bird strikes are a regular hazard in aviation, depending on the collision’s severity. Birds may be a problem if they cause damage to the plane or get into the engine. The layout of most airports, however, causes the birds to disperse. They’ve dedicated an entire investigation team to the matter.

Bad weather

The landing and the takeoff will depend on the weather; when terrible weather is forecast, flights until it is safe to fly.

Crews that Arrive Late

Most flight delays may to either the pilot or the flight attendants. The flight crew must also check whether the plane is ready to embark. Before boarding, travellers must verify that they meet the minimum requirements. Because of this, if the flight is late, you will need to wait a bit longer before boarding. The plane cannot take off without the minimum number of crew members, usually one flight attendant for every 50 passengers. No boarding may occur until that condition is satisfied.

If the crew hasn’t arrived, your flight may (which is not uncommon).

However, this is not very usual for flights leaving from a central airline hub or a bustling airport, such as Paris or London, where the airline is likely to have employees on hand. However, there are scenarios where the crew may be coming from somewhere else, and if their aircraft, they will also be late at the airport.

Getting the Plane Ready

Since there are two sets of passengers to board, one must observe several protocols for a turnaround trip. Maintenance tasks include refueling, cleaning the plane, making meals, and ensuring everyone on board is safe. Because of the need for these safety measures, there will be a little wait before an aircraft may take off.

Consequences of a plane being late

When a flight due to the late arrival of one aircraft, the domino effect causes delays for other flights. Since airlines are trying to make the most of their fleet, your trip may if held up by the plane scheduled to make your journey in traffic on its previous route.

Only in the case of extreme circumstances when cannot extrapolate the impact of the interruption indefinitely but to 24 hours after the initial incident may a claim be dismissed based on knock-on effect delay.


Employees in the aviation industry, like those in most others, have the right to go on strike to bargain with their employer. Strikes in the aviation industry may significantly affect operations and cost airlines a lot of money. They are holding while waiting for connecting passengers.

Flight delays may occur to board connecting passengers. The rule of thumb is that airlines won’t hold flights for customers who need to make connections. However, it seems that they are considering each situation.

The first officer may opt to wait for connecting passengers if there aren’t any other passengers who will be affected and won’t miss their connection or if the time it takes to remove their luggage off the plane is greater than the time they expect to be waiting to board.

An aircraft may also wait for connecting passengers if its slot time has back, and it would be late anyway.

Baggage connections are still pending

All checked bags must be transported from one airline to another when passengers have a connection. Since this requires a little extra time for ground handling, it might result in a slight flight delay.

It will be case-by-case, much like the waiting time for connecting passengers. In any case, an aircraft being delayed by many hours due to baggage transfers by ground management is very unusual.

Transport awaiting

Seattle to Bangalore Flights traveling with a commercial airline means more than just transporting you and your bags. Cargo is responsible for 5-10% of their total earnings.

For example, the United States Postal Service rents out cargo capacity on 15,000 of the 25,000 commercial passenger flights yearly. Thus, cargo deliveries may sometimes cause an aircraft.

Although they presumably aren’t talking about a four-hour delay due to cargo delays, it is not unusual for a bit of schedule change due to such a factor.

If the crew is late, it is conceivable that the flight may for many hours. Passengers have the right to seek compensation for these issues since the airline is responsible.

Resting as required by law for pilots and copilots

There are rules to guarantee that the pilots and flight attendants get enough rest before taking off. In the event of schedule conflicts or a rotational delay, crew members may work over their allotted shift maximum (a flight because of the late arrival of a previous flight). The aircraft will likely if the airline cannot find replacement crew members.


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