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As per the best car body cover brands in India, you must consider proper storage as your only option if you want to maintain your car spotless and in top condition. Simply put, you must ideally get vehicle covers even if you keep your vehicle in a garage or the driveway. This is because they act as an essential defence against dust, moisture, and sunshine. 

However, choosing the vehicle cover best suits your needs can be complex. The information in this shopping guide for accessories for cars will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make sound purchasing decisions.

Vehicle Covers for the Indoors or Outside

It is simple to understand why indoor storage is the most secure option when deciding where to keep your car. However, your vehicle is vulnerable to damage from commonplace objects you might not have thought about, even if you keep it secured in a garage!

The potential for damage is higher in family garages that house multiple vehicles. However, you may rest easy knowing that your car has the extra security it requires, thanks to indoor vehicle covers. Although you can use the majority of indoor vehicle coverings both indoors and outside, do note that they cannot endure long outdoor storage. 

Cars on the road require a heavy-duty cover that can withstand the frequent abuse from all-weather situations without degrading. Therefore, water resistance is one of the essential qualities to consider. Ideally, it would be best to watch the cover material’s characteristics because the resistance level can vary depending on the quality.

  1. How Frequently Ought to I Use My Vehicle cover?

When your car is not in use, the experts advise utilising your vehicle cover to protect it as best you can. As per the industry insiders and automakers, cars and older collector’s items can benefit from this. In this case, it is wiser to be cautious than sorry.

You never know what can happen, so it might not end the world if you fail to put your cover on. So, an excellent suggestion for automobiles here is to purchase a lightweight body that is simple to put on and take off.

Before recovering your car, you may ideally consider dusting or washing it for the best protection. By doing this, you will be preventing dirt from settling on your paint under the cover. 

If dirt is in the gap between the cover and your car, it will act as sandpaper when you shift the body, possibly scratching the paint. Additionally, ensure your automobile is dry before covering it to prevent moisture build-up and rust.

  1. Vehicle Covers: Contour Fit vs. Custom Fit

Custom-fit vehicle covers are more expensive, but contour-fit vehicle covers frequently perform equally well. But if you want a perfect fit for a vintage or particular edition vehicle, you might want to consider paying more for a custom cover.

The main distinctions between custom and contour covers are the availability of particular features and the cost. Additionally, custom covers don’t have a forgiving return policy, which is terrible if you unintentionally get the wrong size.

With contour-fit covers, you can achieve a universal fit and the same level of protection for a lot less money. Additionally, contour covers are easily accessible and delivered in 1-2 business days, ensuring that your car has the protection it needs when it needs it.

  1. Breathable Or Water-Resistant

Why go for a “waterproof” cover over one that is “breathable” or “water-resistant”? No moisture can flow through a body that is 100 percent waterproofs. Though it may seem nice, doing so can also trap moisture within. This can cause rusting and the growth of mould and mildew. These are possibly the most potent silent dangers that might damage the paint finish on your car.

Contrarily, permeable vehicle covers enable speedy evaporation of humidity. This reduces the time your car is in contact with moisture, preventing rust or mildew.

  1. Rugged Resistance

A cover’s primary purpose, indoor or outdoor, is to keep dirt, dust, and other debris off your car. While tiny particles appear unimportant, a build-up can have sandpaper-like effects. Also, on your automobile’s paint, they leave slight scuffs that, with time, get more extensive and are more noticeable.

Keeping your covers interior spotless is likewise crucial, considering what you have read in the article. Your vehicle’s pricey paint may continue to be under risk by dirt from your cover that has transferred there.

The Best Vehicle Cover to Choose

It can be challenging to learn how to choose the best vehicle cover. Hopefully, this tutorial gave you some helpful advice on how to select the best option for you. Making the right choice for your vehicle cover is crucial if you want to protect your vehicle from snow, rain, bird droppings, scrapes, and other hazards.


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