Herman Miller Celle Chair – 100 Years in the Making?

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When you look at the simple flowing lines of the Celle chair, it would be easy to underestimate the historic pedigree of this adjustable, ergonomic chair. There is indeed of history that contributed to the birth of this modern-day piece of office furniture.

Its roots started way back in inichigan with the opening of the Star Furniture Company. The company made good quality, traditional style furniture which was popular at the time.

During that same year a young man by the  was hired by the company in the capacity of office clerk. The Star Furniture Company was also renamed Michigan Star Furniture Company.

Nearly later in this humble clerk persuaded his father in law, to buy the majority of shares in the Michigan Star Furniture Company. became the company’s first President and renamed it the Furniture Company.

It was during the Great Depression of the that, to discuss the best course of action for the Company to take during those hard times of economic uncertainty.

As it turned out those talks were pivotal to the future success of the company. that the way forward would be to concentrate the company’s efforts on furniture more suited to modern-day tastes emerging in America at that time.

A major step forward towards the development of the now popular Celle herman miller celle chair would come in when entered the office-furniture market with a design by The Executive Office Group.

 saw the emergence of a new era of ergonomic seating from called the Ergon chair. This chair proved so popular that Time magazine gave it their Design of the Decade award.

The Ergon was followed in by the iconic Aeron chair which also won a Design of the Decade award. The award this time came in by Business Week magazine and the Industrial Designers Socieintroduced the inusing its environmentally friendly cradle-to-cradle principles.

In exactly after the story began, Inc. introduced the beautiful Celle chair designed by the innovative designer Jerome Caruso.

The Celle used herman miller chairs is an amazing recyclable and contains more than of recycled materials.

Jerome designed a revolutionary system of molded polymer “cells” and loops that responds to your body weight and movement. It’s an exceptional design and provides an exceptional degree of comfort but without the exceptional price tag that you might expect.

Since its introduction in the Celle chair has won many awards including the Industrial Design Excellence Award in by Business and the Industrial Designers Society.


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