How do Japan School Teachers help Ease the Transition of International Students?

School Teachers help Ease the Transition of International Students

How do Japan School Teachers help Ease the Transition of International Students?

In recent years, Japan has witnessed a sharp increase in international students. Having international students in the classroom gives the benefit of learning along with the perspectives of various countries.

However, students from other nations often face difficulties coping with their classmates. They often feel left out or unable to connect with the other students due to the difference in culture and, most importantly, their native language.

This is where teachers come in. They act as a bridge, helping students feel comfortable and easily integrated into classes. They start by making them feel welcome and paying full attention to their unique little needs.

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Strategies Tokyo International High School Teachers Use to Help Foreign Students

Provide Local Orientation to Transfer Students.

International students are often interested in learning about the customs and culture of their host country. It makes them feel comfortable and also contributes to their cultural enrichment. The teachers help them to experience the local way of life.

Teachers organize trips to local hangouts, introduce them to local foods, and explain the tradition and culture of Japan. This helps students to communicate better with their peers.

Guide Students With Opportunities on and off Campus.

International students are more likely to find opportunities to become more involved with the school. However, some Japanese School students are introverts and easily overwhelmed by the novelty of culture.

Educators help them with proper guidance and encouragement. They check students’ interests and guide them in finding relevant activities to help them become more confident. Teachers often organize an after-school club for students to participate in class-related activities and projects.

Pair Them With Students Who can Guide Them.

It is only possible for teachers sometimes to give personalized attention to a single student. Therefore, schools have formed culturally based tutoring initiatives. The professors recruit students who can provide suitable tutoring to international students and form a scholarship.

A Small Welcome Gift

Instructors often welcome international students to Tokyo International High School with a welcome pack. The package usually contains stationery, gift cards, a USB flash drive, and many necessary small items.

It helps Them Overcome the Language Barrier.

Many times students face difficulties expressing themselves. Despite being fluent in the primary language spoken at school, students struggle because they need to translate every bit of information in their minds.

Teachers help them meet this challenge by organizing important class notes and translating them into a language comfortable for students.

Helps Them Communicate Better

It is often seen that Japan School international students often struggle with cognitively complex written communication. Therefore, teachers give non-native students time to review the written materials and guide them if they encounter difficulties.

He Encourages Them to Participate as Speakers.

Due to language barriers, some students from different countries find it challenging to participate in regular class discussions. They can’t let go of what comes to mind.

Teachers then encourage them to participate in live discussions by allowing them to use their native language, a mixed language, or the language commonly spoken in the classroom.

The Teachers Know the Culture and Traditions of the Students.

Teachers at Tokyo International High School research the backgrounds of their students to learn about their traditions and cultures. This helps them tailor their teaching style to meet the needs of their students. A simple traditional teacher wish cheers them up and makes them feel comfortable.

Describing Through Visual Illustrations

Mentors use images and videos to explain a specific concept. So even if a student is not fluent in the primary language, she can still understand what the teacher is explaining.

A person who does not speak English may not know the difference between being sad and heartbroken. Using pictures helps them spot the difference.

Insist that Students use their Cultures as Examples in Discussions.

Japan School teachers encourage students to share their experiences if they relate to a lesson. Creating these links helps them understand and articulate their concepts more clearly.

Secondary teachers encourage international students to be active and participate in class discussions to help them overcome communication barriers.


Students often shut down if they can’t connect properly with the new environment. It is essential that they feel connected. Knowing the local culture and eating habits can help them adjust to their new surroundings.

The academic instructors at Tokyo International High School help them with their valuable knowledge and guide them through the difficulties they face regarding the transition. They help students to mingle with other students and be their guide and mentor.

Students should also try to talk about themselves, as there is nothing wrong with doing something wrong. One small step can make a big difference by breaking down language and cultural barriers, which can help them gain more knowledge and learn different perspectives.


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