How to Avoid Music Scams and Find Free MP3s


If you love music, you’ve probably become well acquainted with the feeling of being ripped off by the cost of buying individual songs or entire albums. If that hasn’t happened to you yet, it will, and when it does, you’ll discover just how easy it can be to get free MP3s instead of paying through the nose for them. In fact, with the Internet at your disposal, there’s an endless variety of ways you can score MP3s at absolutely no cost to you!

Know the Types of Music Scams

Music scams are common due to the availability of pirated music online, especially on pagalworld mp3. Usually scammers either charge you a fee up-front or offer you a download but fail to send you anything. Piracy is also prevalent with tik tok song so pay attention before downloading a copy-protected music file! The first time I downloaded a tik tok song I paid $0.99 for it – imagine my surprise when it was deleted from my library five minutes later. I had no idea that this was a type of scam that has become rampant with piracy sites like pagalworld mp3 and Amazon Prime’s fake reviews service.

Another type of music scam is an artist’s page that promises free mp3 downloads only to bombard you with subscription offers and video advertisements once they have your email address.

Do Your Research

If you want a reliable way to find free music, there are a few ways you can do it. One way is by going through tik-tok song websites, like pagalworld mp3. Tik-tok is an app that allows users to upload videos of themselves singing or dancing along with the music, which makes for a fun experience. With pagalworld mp3, you can find free mp3s on their website, which has a large database of songs from all different genres. There are also other sites that offer free MP3 downloads, such as Mixcloud and SoundCloud. These sites have limited selections though and are mostly for DJs looking for remixes or mashups of popular songs they can use in their sets.

Check the Reviews

You are probably wondering how Tik Tok song is possible. Tik Tok is a social media app that allows people to upload short videos of themselves singing along to popular songs. You can find free mp3 downloads on the app by clicking the song icon in the top right corner. People have reported that they have downloaded scam versions of various artists’ songs, so be sure to read reviews before downloading anything.

Use a Safe Download Site

There are many music download sites out there, but you should use one of the safest ones. Sites like Amazon, eMusic, iTunes, Rhapsody and Spotify offer free tunes with a paid subscription. Amazon has a Free Track of the Day every day which includes new releases from popular bands. You can also find pirated music downloads on torrent sites like Pirate Bay or uTorrent where you can illegally download music for free without paying for it. For example, if you search up Lady Gaga Born This Way, you’ll see that it is available at Pirate Bay in two different formats: 320Kbps MP3 or high quality AAC files that are DRM-free.

Listen to Samples Before Buying

Before you download a song, make sure you listen to the sample. You want to make sure that it is what you are looking for before you waste your money. If a site won’t let you listen to samples, don’t buy anything from them. When downloading music, use a program like VLC Media Player so that you know where the files are stored and can easily find them when needed.


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