How To Choose a Pogo PinConnector?


With the rise of smart electronics, fast charging has increased the need for Pogo Pin connectors. At present,Pogo Pin connector are used in smart digital products in the market. Today we will discuss what should be considered when choosing a Pogo Pin connector and applying it to a product. 

Pogo Pin connector work selection

The choice of Pogo Pin connector must be based on the space used by the product and the scope of work. For example, if the space is too small, the spring of the Pogo Pin connector will be over-compressed, affecting its service life. Too much space can result in poor contact, unbalanced impedance, and momentary image interruptions.

Selection of Electroplating Materials

The electroplating material in the Pogo Pin connector has the properties of improving electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance. Different materials also have different functions. For example, gold conducts electricity very well. In addition, gold plating is generally selected for products with high current and high impedance requirements.

What is the effect of coating thickness?

The Pogo Pin joint will produce friction and long-term wear due to contact during use. The thickness of the coating has a great influence on the service life of the product. When used to a certain limit, the coating will wear out, which may lead to excessive resistance and unbalanced impedance. The coating of 100,000 pogo is thicker than 10,000 pogo, so please choose the coating requirements according to your needs.

The effect of elasticity

The contact force of the spring joint comes from the internal spring. The spring force’s magnitude directly affects the spring’s resistance and stability. The excessive elastic force will increase the friction coefficient and affect the spring’s service life.


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