How To Make Iced Coffee With Milk At Home

How To Make Iced Coffee With Milk At Home
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There’s no one particular time to have the best cool glass of a chilled iced coffee. It isn’t something you just do in summers, it’s an all around the year kind of vibe at a coffee shop in Lahore. However, if you step into the dunkin coffee for a dunkin coffee, you’ll know that this is something that is super addictive but mostly enjoyed in the summers. 

Many people argue that the donut and coffee combo is best enjoyed with a warm coffee and that iced coffee takes some getting used to hence, this is not a very popular choice but we argue on the contrary. Iced coffee with milk is always a delight and refreshens you in the dead of cold winter months or in the sweaty summer months. You just need to develop the taste for it and it will appear as the best cup of coffee out there. So, if you’re into being a little experimental, here’s what you need to know about it.

What Is Iced Coffee With Milk?

Iced coffee with milk is made using coffee that has been freshly brewed and it contains just 2% fat milk alongside a complenting sweet, simple syrup. Plus, don’t forget the ice cubes that will add that chill to your coffee. This coffee is enjoyed most day and night in summers because people often drink it just for a fun drink and not especially for the caffeine kick. There are several recipes to try for the ultimate cup of iced coffee but this one might hit the mark in the first try!  

The best part about this kind of coffee is that all the ingredients might be available at home. Moreover, you can make this kind of coffee in any flavor. The most common and enjoyed kind of flavor is vanilla but you can add hazelnut flavor or even chocolate flavor. This is why this is a popular coffee choice because making it is so easy, it is refreshing with a not-so-strong taste and it can be had with a variety of flavors.

What Ingredients Are Required?

You need just four ingredients to make this easy and fun recipe for iced coffee with milk. These are all the ingredients you need to make sure the cup is good:

  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • 2% fat milk
  • Simple syrup
  • Ice cubes

Can you believe this is all you need? You can even switch the milk spoken of here with the kind of milk you regularly use. People often go for almond milk as a substitute if they want to switch to healthier alternatives. 

However, the most important part is the ice cubes. Don’t forget to have fun with them! People often make flavored ice cubes in different shapes and sizes with fun molds. You can do the same or even make ice cubes with leftover coffee to save time. It’s all up to you about how you achieve the taste of coffee from a coffee shop in Lahore at your home. Dunkin coffee can be made at home (though it might not hit the same way so ensure you bring your best fame when you make it).

Coffee Ice Cubes

Coffee ice cubes can be made by collecting the leftover coffee from your coffee cups. Keep collecting it and then add a little bit of water and then add to your coffee molds. This will help you make coffee ice cubes which you can add to your iced coffee with milk. Over time, the ice cubes will melt and they will add more coffee to your iced coffee. Isn’t that the best hack ever? If you want to be fancy, you can mix water with the vanilla or hazelnut or chocolate syrup and then make ice cubes. This way, you can just pop a few cubes into your cup and have your cup flavored! 

The simple syrup in this recipe is advised to use so you can make your coffee a little sweeter. Now you need to know what is the best coffee to use for this.

The Best Coffee Choice

Iced coffee at home can be made with a variety of coffee cubes and brewing methods. But the best recommendation is to get the brewing coffee with a French press, Chemex, or Hario V60 because that gets the best flavor out of all the others.

The brewing time and the technique will depend on the coffee beans you use; however, the machines listed above get you the best results. For this recipe, we used the Hario V60 and we promise it brings the best results each time. You can also brew iced coffee with milk with your good ol’ Nespresso machine. There are other guides for how to achieve that.

How Do We Make This?

To get down to the million-dollar method, you should know that iced coffee is made using freshly brewed coffee. But the only difference from the rest is that this has been allowed to be cooled completely. You might be wondering how we can cool this, here’s how:

  • Place it in the refrigerator and wait until completely cool
  • Brew the coffee and cool it down using ice cubes. This also dilutes it further

You can choose a cooling technique depending on how much time you want to spend making iced coffee. If you’re short on time, ice cubes are the best options. But if you want the same taste and have time, go for the first one. People also recommend making this coffee ahead of time so you can do other tasks while this cools.

Iced Coffee And Cold Brew

There is a common question or confusion about iced coffee that we can demyth for you. Iced coffee and cold brew are not the same. Cold brew refers to the coffee that is brewed cold which means there was never any heat used. However, iced coffee is brewed like normal coffee then cooled in different ways. Iced coffee is also lighter so it is perfect for those who like to have their coffee in a fun way and do not like too intense tastes. This is how you achieve the taste of coffee from a coffee shop in Lahore and know that this coffee tastes spectacular in the donut and coffee combo.