Introducing the SIL Housing Service Provider: Your One-Stop Solution for all your Housing Needs


Thanks to the new SIL Housing Service Provider, international students have never had it so good! This innovative service provides everything you need to make your stay at SIL successful and stress-free—from finding accommodation, to packing boxes and moving in, to connecting with other international students and exploring the neighborhood around you. What’s more, we even offer regular activities and outings throughout your stay to help you make new friends in the city and get the most out of your experience! We’re here to help you settle in quickly and easily, while offering you the space and privacy you need to enjoy your time away from home.

What is SIL?

We know that living in another country can be overwhelming and that housing is a critical piece of this experience. SIL Housing Services helps with everything from finding an apartment, to learning about regulations and getting you settled into a new home quickly. For over 30 years SIL has served as both a source of referrals and a one-stop shop for nearly every housing need. We have experts in real estate, immigration law, construction management, financial guidance and many other aspects of overseas relocation to help support you every step of the way.

We take care of everything—finding houses or apartments, negotiating lease terms, even renting cars to move in. SIL Housing services are available worldwide, not just in China where we’ve been doing this work since 1988. And if it’s not available where you’re going yet, SIL will find someone who can help! So when it comes to something as important as where you live, don’t do it alone! Contact SIL today for more information about our services!

What services does SIL provide?

Sil provides a range of services that includes providing housing and other necessary resources. Sil’s housing program is based on Christ’s words to love one another as I have loved you and Matthew 25:35, which states, For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink.

Sil operates by connecting families in need with temporary housing that meets their individual needs. Sil is committed to meeting the needs of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing them with safe shelter. Sil believes that every person has a right to live an independent life free from poverty and homelessness.

Sil houses more than 1 million people each year through our network of more than 3200 affiliated congregations throughout North America.

How can I contact SIL?

SIL is a housing service provider that has been in operation since 1995 and has helped more than 10,000 people find their first home. SIL not only provides low income and affordable housing options but also helps to provide social services and integrated care to those who need it most. SIL offers case management, rent subsidies, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, food assistance programs and job training in order to help residents with the full range of life skills they need to be successful. SIL also partners with landlords who are committed to renting out apartments or homes at an affordable rate so that everyone can have access to quality housing opportunities.

What are some of the benefits of using SIL?

SIL is a housing service provider that offers residents an opportunity to live in a safe environment with access to community resources. SIL provides affordable, quality housing and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of their race, color, religion or sexual orientation. Sil’s supportive services are designed to empower clients through counseling and education programs that help them maintain their independence and recover from the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. SIL’s supportive services also provide case management on issues such as food security, transportation and financial literacy.

Sil’s housing program includes communities in New York City; Chicago; Portland; Los Angeles County; Washington DC, as well as nearly 40 permanent sites across the United States where clients have access to clean, safe homes with 24-hour onsite staff.


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