North-East Facing House Vastu Plan And Guidelines To Attract Positive Energy

North-East Facing House Vastu Plan And Guidelines To Attract Positive Energy

According to Vastu Shastra, a residence that faces northeast is lucky. To bring peace, hope, success, and well-being to the people who live there, it must be built according to the principles of Vastu.

Significance of northeast in Vastu

East, north, and northeast-facing homes are considered fortunate according to Vastu Shastra. A house’s northeast orientation is said to bring luck and fresh prospects. The North’s inhabitants, the home of Kuber, the ruler of wealth, have the opportunity to amass enormous wealth. The northeast is also known as “Ishan,” which means “the direction of divine might.” The northeast corner needs to be kept tidy and uncluttered. One must adhere to Vastu principles when creating a home with a northeast orientation in order to create a joyful living space. These fundamental Vastu guidelines are for the northeast house. If you want to Book a North Indian Pandit in Bangalore visit 99Pandit.

Home facing northeast Vastu for a building’s wall

The boundary wall or compound wall must be built in accordance with Vastu principles. The height and thickness of the compound wall design must be slightly greater in the south and west than in the east and north. In the northeastern corner of the plot, there ought to be a green area. The northeastern part of the property shouldn’t have tall trees because doing so could result in unforeseen costs and a loss of wealth. The home’s roof should slope in three directions: north, east, or northeast.

Home facing northeast Vastu advice: Make sure the main entrance is sizable and well-lit.

The northeast is considered the most fortunate direction in a home by Vastu since it receives early sunlight and has healing and purifying energies. While planning it, make sure the main door is bigger than all the other doors in your house. A big door that opens clockwise boosts good vibes and provides success to the people inside. To radiate warmth and joy, it should be well-lit, ideally with warm lights. Always keep a tiny increased threshold in place as a defense against negative energy. Put a nameplate and a toran with auspicious symbols on the front entrance to decorate it. Keep no statues of animals close to the entrance.

Northeast kitchen: A strict no as per Vastu

According to kitchen Vastu, a kitchen located in the northeast corner of the home is said to bring illness and loss. The optimal orientation for the kitchen is southeast or northwest, which promotes health and overall well-being. According to Vastu Shastra, fire sources should be positioned at the southeast corner of the home. Consequently, the direction of the kitchen and the direction of the cook should both be southeast. A griha pravesh puja ceremony, also known as grihapravesh or the house warming ceremony, is a Hindu puja ceremony performed

Never place the cooking range and the washbasin on the same platform or parallel to one another. As antagonistic elements, fire and water can lead to arguments and rifts within the family. Never put the refrigerator in the northeast corner. To help it navigate obstacles, it ought to be placed in the southwest. The sink and the water faucet should be placed northeast of the kitchen.

North-east facing house: Avoid the staircase in the northeast

The northeast corner should not have a staircase constructed there, either inside or publicly. Construct the staircase to the south, west, or southwest of the home. Additionally, stairs that are placed directly in front of the entryway can be problematic. According to Vastu, your home’s staircase shouldn’t be located directly across from the front door because this can affect how energy moves throughout the space. Your visitors shouldn’t be able to see an internal stairway from the front. According to Vastu experts, staircases need to have an odd number of steps. Stay away from dark colors around the steps.


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