Oaxial Speaker Cable – How It Works And What You Need To Know

oaxial speaker cable
oaxial speaker cable

Oaxial speaker cable is made of a flexible material, which makes it easy and comfortable to use. This is the main reason why these cables are used by more and more professionals when sound quality is their concern. It works by using copper wire, which has an outer layer that is coated with silver particles. In this article, you will learn about these connectors and what materials you should know about before buying your own set.

What is Oaxial Speaker Cable?

Oaxial Speaker Cable is a type of audio cable that was designed specifically for use with speakers. It is a flexible, Kevlar-braided cable that is typically blue in color and has a diameter of 1.2 mm. Oaxial Speaker Cable is often used to connect high-end audio equipment, such as turntables and amplifiers, to speakers. It offers superior sound quality compared to other types of cables, such as standard audio cables, due to its ability to transmit frequencies evenly. Additionally, Oaxial Speaker Cable is less prone to interference than other cables and is resistant to tangling.

How Does Oaxial Speaker Cable Work?

An oaxial speaker cable is a type of speaker cable that uses an oaxial conductor. Oaxial conductors are made of a single layer of copper wire and have a unique spiral shape. This spiral shape allows the oaxial conductor to move more freely in the cable, which improves sound quality.

There are two main types of oaxial speaker cables: ribbon and woven. Ribbon cables use small, thin ribbons of copper wire to transmit sound. Woven cables use large, thick strands of copper wire to transmit sound. Both types of cables have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Ribbon cables tend to be better at transmitting high-frequency sounds than woven cables. They also tend to be less prone to interference than woven cables. However, ribbon cables can be more expensive than woven cables and they can suffer from poorer sound quality at low frequencies.

Woven cables are better at transmitting midrange and low-frequency sounds than ribbon cables. They are less prone to interference than ribbon cables, but they can be more expensive than ribbon cables.

The Different Types Of Oaxial Speaker Cable

Oaxial speaker cable is a type of speaker cable that connects the woofer in an audio system to the speaker terminal. The term “oaxial” is derived from the Greek word for axle, because the wire inside the cable is shaped like an axle. Oaxial cables are also known as balance cables or equalization cables.

Oaxial speaker cable has a number of advantages over traditional speaker cables. First, oaxial cables have more flexible wire than traditional wires and can more easily handle excessive vibration. Second, oaxial cables are less prone to electrical noise and interference because they use balanced connections at each end. Finally, oaxial cables produce richer sound because they allow the woofer to move more freely within its enclosure.

Who Can Use This Type of Cables?

Oaxial cables are unique in that they have a spiral outer jacket. This makes them perfect for use in loudspeaker systems and audio/video applications where high-quality sound reproduction is desired.

The unique design of the Oaxial cable also allows it to be more efficient than other types of cables and not produce as much interference. This makes it a great choice for applications such as home theater and gaming systems.

To use an Oaxial cable, you will need to make sure that you have the correct connector type and size. Also, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before installation to avoid any problems.

How Do You Connect To Your Speakers?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably connected your speakers to your audio source using a cable. But what is that cable made of and how does it work?

Speaker cables are typically made from either copper or aluminum wire, covered in insulation. The wire is usually organized into several smaller strands that are twisted together. This makes the cable flexible and resilient, able to handle a lot of stress without breaking.

To connect your speakers to your audio source, you need to use an RCA connection (or sometimes optical). RCA connections are found on older devices and are less common now, but they’re still used on some newer devices. To make an RCA connection, you first need to find the red and white wires. You then need to strip the ends of each wire (usually just a little bit of plastic is left on each end) and insert them into the corresponding ports on your audio source. You’ll also need to connect the black wire to ground (or another metal part of the device).


The oaxial speaker cable is one type of cable that is used to connect speakers together. It has a round cross-section and consists of several thin wires that are tightly wrapped around each other. The wire thicknesses and the number of wraps determine the cable’s overall strength and durability.

Oaxial speaker cables use a unique construction that allows them to handle high sound levels with accuracy. They are also resistant to twisting and kinking, which makes them a good choice for audio installations that require durability and performance.

To connect oaxial speaker cables, you will need a connector that matches the type of cable you are using. The connector should have a round profile to fit over the oaxial wire’s shape, and it should have strain relief features to avoid stress points in the cable.


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