Spanish Health Care – Just How Great is Health Care in Spain

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One of the most important point to appreciate concerning Spanish health care is that it is not necessarily totally free to you – even if you are an EU nationwide. This is an usual false impression.

Spanish healthcare is ‘free’ just to those that are tax obligation resident or appropriately signed up pensionistas (people over the age of 65). In either case, you need to obtain your SIP (Sistema de Informacion Poblacional) card. This is your private Spanish health card and also is needed whenever you participate in a Spanish physician or medical facility. It is something that you can get on your own or (more easily!) with the services of a gestor.

Certainly, you must note that having a NIE number or having actually inscribed on your own on the Central Register of Immigrants (Centro Register de Extranjeros) will not instantly offer you with cost-free medical care in Spain. To be tax citizen is also not a ‘negative’ function. Professional Tax Advisor Spain You need to either in fact be paying tax to the Spanish state or making an annual Spanish income tax return to be considered as tax local. The plain truth that you are considered to be tax obligation resident after 183 days within the country does not indicate that you are tax obligation resident and thus acquire complimentary healthcare in Spain – if you make no initiative to pay any tax!

Spanish health care from the State is normally thought about really effective. There are some 800 medical facilities as well as 2,700 clinical centres (Centros de Salud) throughout the nation with practically every town having a medical professional (medico) that will certainly attend his clinical centre day-to-day (even if it is just for a few hours before he goes to the following town or district). Typically a registered nurse (enfermera) will certainly be in participation and in some cases, as a person, you can see your Spanish medical professional the exact same day.

Nonetheless, note that youngsters under the age of fourteen should be dealt with in details youngsters’s health centres in Spain which are staffed by expert paeditricians. Starting a Business in Spain Advice These are normally situated in the nearest community of any kind of size.

Meanwhile, there is a network of Spanish healthcare facilities with accident and also emergency situation divisions (urgencias) throughout the nation which operate in a really similar method to that of the UK. You are normally seen by a member of the triage team quickly and then dealt with as swiftly as necessary offered your degree of injury.


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