Start Your Wax Museum Project In DXDF


Wax museums are often the go-to attractions for many people looking to visit a museum. The lure of these exhibits is due to their enticing wax figures which are built with attention to detail and intricacy that set these museums apart from others. If you have a wax museum project, try to work with DXDF!

What DXDF can help you with your wax museum project?

There are a few steps in the design of a celebrity wax museum, but they will change based on the circumstances.

1. Organize the wax museum’s site division and specify the display components and folk cultural expressions in various spaces, such as the touring tunnel, the star display area, the ticket office, the tourist rest area, etc.

2. We specify the wax figure that must be displayed in each museum area and design the layout of the wax figure in the separated venue space. We also list the wax figure display list by the design idea.

3. Optimize the sightseeing experience of the location, taking into account the route of the venue, the interaction point with the life-size wax figure, the placement of multimedia equipment, installation art, props, etc., by the area division of the venue and the design list of the wax figure. Order Xanax Online

4. Create building drawings for each location once the museum scene designs are finished and the buyer has given their permission.

You may have complete faith in the skilled design team at DXDF throughout this process.


The production of wax figures is a laborious procedure that calls for the assistance of professionals. Allow DXDF Grand Orient Wax Art to be your partner in the process of designing and constructing your wax museum so that we can assist you.


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