The Advantages of Custom Sleeve Boxes for Your Business

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sleeve boxes

Covering your products with custom sleeve boxes helps to add some polish to your business, whether you’re looking to keep your products organized or make them more presentable at craft fairs and trade shows.

Custom tray and sleeve boxes are easy to produce and ship, and they help ensure that your product arrives in excellent condition to customers who appreciate the extra attention you’ve paid towards packaging their purchase. Learn how these custom sleeve boxes can benefit your business today!

They Make Your Products Appear More Expensive

Whether you’re packaging a $100 pair of shoes or an $8,000 handbag, you don’t want your products to be judged by their packaging. This is where cardboard sleeve boxes excel.

While some customers might think about sleeves and cardboard as cheap alternatives to more sophisticated custom packaging options, what these customers may not realize is that sleeve boxes are cost-effective marketing tools that help set your products apart from competitors.

When packaged in custom sleeve packaging boxes, customers immediately know they’re getting high-quality products that stand out from all the others on store shelves. There’s just something about sleeve boxes that screams premium—and when every dollar counts on your bottom line, that kind of marketing value is priceless.

Shipping of Sleeve Boxes

If you’re shipping products, sleeve boxes can be a great way to do so without incurring high shipping costs. This is because sleeve boxes wholesale are lightweight and thin but can still hold quite a bit. They’re also convenient if you don’t have packaging materials on hand; since cardboard sleeve packaging boxes are often sold in sets, you can use sleeves to store them until you need them rather than purchasing new containers.

Keep in mind that custom sleeve boxes wholesale with lids work better than flat ones when it comes to storage, but flat ones may be easier to ship. Regardless, you should choose your cardboard sleeve box type based on what will fit your needs and what fits best with your business model.

Product Protection

The fact that your product will be packaged in a cardboard sleeve box means it won’t get damaged from getting bumped around during shipment. This can be particularly important if your product is expensive and prone to damage, such as electronics.

Because sleeve boxes wholesale are often made out of corrugated cardboard, they can also help keep liquids from leaking onto other products on their way to you. Corrugated materials make for very sturdy packaging solutions, which is why these packaging sleeves are often used as trays and dividers.

With so many business aspects to manage, it’s easy to lose track of your sleeve packaging. That’s why sleeve packaging boxes wholesale can be extremely useful; they provide a flexible yet protective means of product protection that doesn’t break your budget. Even better, sleeve box packaging are highly customizable, meaning you can design them specifically to fit your needs and fillings.

Whatever your business—from clothing to electronics—custom sleeve boxes could be just what you need to keep costs down and products protected. If you’re ready to learn more about custom tray and sleeve box services, contact our team today!

Sustainable Packaging Solution

There are a lot of alternatives to standard cardboard sleeve packaging, but not all provide you with a sustainable solution. If you’re looking to incorporate eco-friendly wholesale sleeve boxes into your business, you may be faced with a number of options.

Purchasing sleeves from wholesalers and custom tray and sleeve boxes that can help protect products is an excellent way to offer sustainable packaging solutions to your customers. By purchasing sleeves from wholesale companies that sell products in bulk, you’ll also be able to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or service.

You Save Time

No need to wait weeks or months to receive your custom sleeve boxes from a supplier. A great option is The Packaging Store, which offers fast turnaround times on its sleeve box packaging that start at 24 hours and go up to 72 hours. Best of all, no minimums mean you’re not locked into spending large amounts on sleeves you won’t use immediately.

Orders over $35 ship free within the continental United States so there are additional savings in your future if you order more sleeves. When your company is growing rapidly, every minute counts and custom sleeve packaging can help free up time normally spent waiting on cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers—or having them make changes to orders too frequently as they try to get things right.

You Save Money

Purchasing your sleeve packaging wholesale from a cardboard sleeve packaging supplier can help you save money, but what does that really mean? Imagine you have a product that costs $10 to produce and ship in sleeves. If you spend $1 per box, then it’s costing your business $11 to package it.

However, if you pay just 10 cents per sleeve box, then each item is costing only 90 cents to ship! That’s a huge difference. As we know, most businesses want their costs to be as low as possible so they can make more money on selling their products instead of spending so much on shipping and packaging.

Purchasing large amounts at once can greatly reduce costs even further: some companies offer volume discounts as high as 40%!

They Can be Designed to Fit Any Product

If you are looking to increase your sales, printed sleeve boxes offer flexibility that display boxes cannot. You can use them to protect items that don’t fit into regular packaging. For example, clothing manufacturers often produce larger-than-normal items and might struggle to find appropriate packaging.

Simply covering these items in a sleeve box can make it easier to store and transport garments or bedding. This also applies if you sell in bulk; rather than dividing your products into separate plastic bags or boxes, tray and sleeve boxes allow you to package several together without wasting additional materials.


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