The Different Types of Ethical Dilemmas in Law

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In many professions, ethical dilemmas are bound to arise. This can be especially true in the legal field where there are various rules and policies to adhere to, as well as obligations to your clients, colleagues and others. With this comes the responsibility of knowing how to deal with these difficult situations when they arise. Here are some of the different types of ethical dilemmas you might face as a law student or practicing lawyer, along with ways you could handle each one more ethically than others might.


Law and Ethics Assignment Help – The first type is a moral dilemma, where the lawyer knows that no matter what they choose, someone will get hurt. An example of this is when the client wants to make sure their cheating spouse gets custody of their child; the lawyer knows that they are not a fit parent. A professional dilemma occurs when a lawyer has to choose between what’s best for them or their client. This is true if they have to break confidentiality or do something that might negatively affect their reputation. Finally, there’s an ethical dilemma when there’s a conflict between two moral principles: for instance, when one principle requires you to always tell the truth, but another principle requires you to protect your client from being charged with perjury.

What is an ethical dilemma?

An ethical dilemma is a situation that has no right or wrong answer. It is a scenario where the law may be on one side, but ethics can fall on the other. The hardest part about an ethical dilemma is that you have to make the decision with your own moral compass and beliefs while not knowing what other people might think. There are several different types of dilemmas: 1) A choice between two values.

2) A conflict between law and morals

3) A conflict between laws in different countries

4) A conflict between two laws from the same country

5) A conflict within oneself over which law is correct

6) A clash of law and religion.

Types of ethical dilemmas

Law and Ethics Assignment Help There are many different types of ethical dilemmas that face lawyers on a daily basis. These dilemmas can be classified as either moral, legal, or professional. Moral dilemmas are those that involve the lawyer’s personal beliefs about what is right and wrong; for example, a lawyer may believe it is morally wrong to defend an accused rapist if she does not believe he is guilty. Legal dilemmas involve questions about which course of action will be best for the client’s legal situation; for example, a lawyer may want to settle with an insurance company on behalf of her client but knows this will result in less money than they would get if they pursued their case through trial.


There are many different types of ethical dilemmas that arise in law, but the main goal is to always act with a sense of honesty and integrity. This means that you should not engage in behavior that would be dishonest or corrupt. It is also important to help others when you can, even if it may not serve your own self-interests. The best way to avoid being faced with an ethical dilemma is by thinking about the consequences before you act and then making decisions based on what will be best for everyone involved.


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