The Neck Gaiter – The Easy Way to Get Your Fly to the Fish

Neck Gaiter

The NECK GAITER is a simple, easy way to get your fly to the fish. With a wide mouth, this flies will help you hook more fish. Plus, you can use it on any style of fish!

Two Rocks Fishing

Using a neck gaiter can help you maintain a good range of motion during your fishing trips. A neck gaiter can be worn as a bandana, a sweatband, or even around your forehead and wrist. It’s also important to pick a neck gaiter that is flexible. You don’t want it to restrict your movements, and you don’t want it to bunch up.

Another great benefit of wearing a neck gaiter is that it helps protect your face from wind and flying hats. If you are in a windy spot, it is easier to stay on top of your fishing gear if you are protected from the elements. In addition, a neck gaiter can help prevent sunburns. Moreover, it can also keep you from getting bit by insects.


Two Rocks, located at the north western tip of Western Australia, has a rich history and a host of attractions to suit the discerning visitor. If you’re in the mood to catch some fish, you can do so on your own, or you can charter a boat and have the crew do the work. The area is also a major player in the world of lobster fishing, and a number of commercial boats operate there. In fact, you may want to take the opportunity to visit this quaint little town in the spring or summer when the fish are biting.

If you’re looking for an amusing story to tell your friends, you can’t go wrong by checking out the Southern Cross boatshed, where a community school was established. However, if you’re looking to get out on the water, you’ll need to buy a licence.


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