Trekking is one of the most famous and adventurous sport all over India. It is a life time experience and as well as a adventurous sport which offers you a very close encounter with nature also. Their are many extreme difficult trekking routes also which starts from Himalayas. 

Those areas are full of flora and fauna, many man made as well as nature things with a touch of many beautiful things and many religions places too. Now here are many different trekking places where you can think about to go for an experiance.

The Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha can be called as a 6 days long trek in uttarakhand.  It is among the most popular trek in India among the beginners. In Indian Himalayas it is the most popular trek to do.

Hampata pass trek this is with the highest aptitude of 4400m and the duration of reaching their is about 4-5days. 

This could be the perfect option for you if it is your 1st high altitude trek. You get an unforgettable experience and the best scenic view their. Then you will go passing through dense forests , snow covered valleys as well as clear streams of water falls and finally at the end you’ll see the smiti valley. At the end in Chandra tal you’ll get a camp stay.

The Beaskund Trek

Beaskund trek it is in Himachal Pradesh it is one of the most challenging summer trek in India. It is among the most popular weekend trail in Manali. While walking around the banks of the river you’ll witness very beautiful view around that which you will totally love. After climbing up words you will see the main originated glacier lake. Is is called base kund which earlier use to called as the bathing place for the originator of Mahabharata.

The Chandrakani Pass Trek

Chandrakani pass trek it has generally a distance of 22km and a maximum altitude of 3650m. And the view surrounded by it is amazing.

One of the largest valley in ladak region is markha valley and the best trek in Himachal Pradesh is markha valley trek. Keh can be called as a starting point and with this it will take you through Sara, hankar etc. During 10 days of trekking you will see go and visit everywhere and specially the glacier part. One have to cover the 65km and cross 2 cordial passes because because it has the altitude level of 5200 m above the main see level.

One of the best trekking tour in India is the valley of the flowers trek which is uttrakhand. It’s at the highest aptitude of 3658m with 55km distance. At the time monsoon this looks soo beautiful as it totally gets covered with soo beautiful Himalayan flowers which seems to be like a heaven. It is the best trek during the month of August. It is best for all age groups.

The Dzongri Trek

Dzongri trek is a best trekking in Sikkim with 5 days of trekking it is the best because it have trekking for each level for easy to moderate to the difficult one. It have the altitude of 15000 feet and distance of 21km. It is the best place for you if you have time and want to admire and see the beauty of the Himalayas.

Madhyapradesh is one of the best trekking place for the beginners. 15km from ronavala rajmachi is located. This trek is 3000 m above the sea level and it covers the distance of 14 km.


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