Video Wall Controller – The Future Of Digital Signage

video wall controller

The definition of digital signage has come a long way from LED scrolling letters and quirky animated gifs on old CRT monitors. Full graphics in stunning 4k video allows for maximum impact and control of your brand. The video wall controller has provided the evolution, but now it’s time to look towards the future with smart appliances and even smarter video wall controllers.

What Is A Video Wall?

A video wall is a large, flat display surface made up of multiple monitors that are placed together. They have been used for many years in retail stores and as lobby displays. Video walls can be used to create custom signage and video walls with interactive touch screens are becoming more popular too. Video wall controllers allow you to control all the individual monitors on the video wall from one central point.

What Are The Benefits Of A Video Wall?

Video walls are the future of digital signage. They offer more control and allow for an even higher impact than scrolling letters. One example is controlling what time the message appears. Another is to be able to change messages depending on who is viewing the video wall. A video wall can also be used as a way to display different messages at different times, which can help you save money on electricity by turning off the video wall when it’s not in use. A final benefit is that a video wall offers full-motion graphics in stunning 4k resolution, which allows for maximum impact and control of your brand.

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How Is It Different From LED Displays?

While LED displays and video walls serve the same purpose, a video wall has many more functions than just scrolling letters. A digital signage controller is made up for digital advertising and branding in any size or shape. Full-color graphics, animated text, images, animations, and movies can be used to create an engaging experience for your brand’s advertising that will keep people’s attention from anywhere in the store. In addition to providing greater flexibility, a video wall makes it easier to create a coordinated look between screens. And because you have more control over your advertising message on a video wall than you do with LED scrolling letters, you’re more likely to generate leads which will improve ROI on your investment.

Can I Add On To My Display Later?

One of the best things about a video wall is that you can always add to your display later. Say, for example, that you’re running out of space and need to double your size or triple it. All you have to do is buy another one and plug it in! It’s just that easy!

Why Should I Choose Daktronics?

Daktronics has a long history in digital signage, broadcast video, and control systems for large venues. We have a full line of products to help you create your perfect video wall. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your business and can be scaled up or down as needed. We also offer installation services on our products so that you don’t have to worry about finding qualified installers yourself.


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