Visit Hogwarts from your couch with the virtual Harry Potter escape room 


We are still waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letters to fly in through owl post. Are you one of those crazy Harry Potter maniacs who lost count of how many times they have watched and re-watched the entire series of Harry Potter movies? So, now is your turn to test your knowledge of the Wizarding world right from the comfort of your home.  

Just like the immersive world of escape rooms created by the Hourglass Escapes, you can now step inside the world of Harry Potter by playing a virtual escape room game. In this article, we will provide details about an inquisitive virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room that will bring the exciting world of Hogwarts right inside your home.  

A Few Words About the Creation of this Virtual Harry Potter-themed Escape Game  

Sydney Krawiec is a youth services librarian at the Peters Township Public Library, situated in McMurray, Pennsylvania. Sydney has come up with a curious virtual Harry Potter-themed escape game. The escape room game is suitable for you to play it all alone or with your family. 

How does the virtual Harry Potter escape room game function? 

The Beginning: The inquisitive virtual Harry Potter escape room game kickstarts by setting up the perfect immersive scenario for players. The game begins by introducing players to their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  

As usual, the sorting ceremony will take place with the Sorting Hat sorting you all into respective houses, followed by the grand dinner. After that, players will head to their separate common rooms. Upon reaching your standard room, your prefect will announce an interesting team-building exercise.  

Almost out of nowhere, darkness surmounts you, and a muggle-born team member quickly realizes how it is nothing but an escape room game! Players reach their hands inside the robes, and the color runs out of their faces as they learn there is no wand! With that being set as your backdrop, your unique and authentic escape room challenge will begin.  

The creator has designed the virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room game as a chain of questions set up inside Google Docs. Now, as the team-building activity informed by your House Prefect gradually begins, you will be watching different audiovisual clips from various Harry Potter movies.  

Each video clip will pose various questions for you and your team to brainstorm and find the answer to.  

The escape room challenge includes you and your teammates making your way to Gringotts (the wizarding bank). You need to figure out the correct exchange rates for sickles and galleons. But wait, it does not just end here. The escape game will also require you and your teammates to figure out how to do different spells and much more!  

How and where to find the virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room game? 

Now we finally come to the question that you have been dying to ask: How can you access this fun and exciting Harry Potter-themed escape room game online? You can easily access this interesting game through a Google form available online. You do not need to pay charges to access this immersive Harry Potter-themed escape room game.  

Some common prerequisites for you to play this virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room game are the following: 

  1. A suitable device like a laptop or phone 
  1. High-speed internet connection 
  1. Right browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to access the web 

Provided you can arrange these few prerequisites, you can swiftly enjoy playing this fantastic Harry Potter-themed escape game from the comfort of your home! 

How to make your gaming experience more fun and exciting? 

While you can always play this inquisitive virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room game all by yourself, you can always invite your friends or family to play it together. Much like any other escape room game, the virtual Harry Potter-themed escape room game also calls for keen observational skills, team working abilities, and innovative thinking abilities.  

Before you sit down to play the game, you can create an immersive ambiance in your room to make the entire escape room gaming experience all the more fascinating and compelling. Turn down the bright lights, and you may decorate your room with a few candles!  

People with a knack for art can even design a few hand-curated realistic props and put them up in the room. In this way, you can create the immersive appeal of being inside the walls of Hogwarts as you play the game.  

Munching on a few snacks or pouring a great drink can add to the overall joy and excitement of playing escape room games from your home. So, if you want, you can order a few snacks and beverages or even fashion a Butterbeer for yourself, just like The Three Broomsticks!  

In this way, you can now experience the one-of-a-kind feeling of being inside the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry right from the comfort of your home. So, try your luck at making your escape in this virtual escape game!  


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