Why You Should Install a Tree in Your Elburn, IL Yard


Trees are good for a number of reasons, but maybe you don’t understand why it would be worth spending money on one. Here are 5 reasons why you should install a tree in your Elburn, IL yard, followed by some frequently asked questions about Tree Installation Elburn IL installation in general.

Trees improve air quality

A tree improves air quality by absorbing and removing pollutants from the air. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your yard’s appearance and the quality of your air, installing a tree is an excellent choice. Plus, trees provide shade that helps keep the temperature down on hot summer days and can even lower your energy bill. Trees also produce oxygen which provides cleaner air for you to breathe.

Trees increase property value

Trees not only beautify your yard and home, but they can also increase the property value. A study by the Horticultural Society of New York found that properties with trees on them are worth an average of $18,000 more than those without any trees. Plus, homes with large trees are worth an average of $734 more per square foot than those without any trees. Trees offer a number of benefits to residents – they help cool homes in the summertime by providing shade and they help warm up homes in the wintertime by providing insulation. They also help reduce pollution levels in urban areas and improve air quality.

Trees provide shade and save energy

Installing trees is an investment that will provide shade and save energy for years to come. Trees can help reduce the temperature around your home by up to five degrees. A tree’s foliage acts as natural insulation, blocking the sun’s rays and cooling you off on hot days. The cooling effect of trees also decreases air conditioning bills by up to 30%. And while they are expensive to plant initially, they grow quickly and repay their cost over time with energy savings and benefits to health. Plus there’s nothing more beautiful than a mature tree providing shade on your back porch or patio!

Trees help reduce noise pollution

Trees can lower noise levels by absorbing the sound waves and sound pollution from traffic. The more trees you have on your property, the less noise will be transmitted to the house. If there’s a nice tree-lined street nearby, it might not seem like that big of a deal to have some traffic noise. However, if you are near an airport or busy highway with heavy traffic all day long it may be worth considering installing trees around your home to help reduce noise pollution.

Trees provide habitat for wildlife

Soil erosion is an environmental problem that can be prevented by trees. Trees provide shade and reduce the temperature of soil. They also make the soil more porous and absorb excess water. Planting Stump Grinding Elburn IL will help maintain a healthy ecosystem for your yard, which will also help to keep your property at its best.

Trees help prevent soil erosion

Trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but they can also help to prevent soil erosion in your yard. A professional tree service can install trees that will be the perfect size for your property. While the price of installing a tree may be high, you’ll benefit from the long-term savings on your water bill.


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