All About OG Kush Strain Delta 8 Moonrocks Explained


OG Kush is constantly among the most famous strains in America for a cause. This award-winning strain is noted for generating a mellow body high. This bud is an excellent smoking flower for mingling and remaining lively at a party. The OG Delta 8 flower is a great option for the afternoon and early evening because of its uplifting and gently energetic effects.

The CBD buds of the Og Kush strain delta 8 are known for their distinctive terpene profile, potent funk, and skunky fragrance. The vibrant green undertones in the dark green, thick buds are complemented with vivid, fuzzy orange hairs. The abundant trichomes give the blooms a metallic luster and provide the buds with a stickiness befitting their noxious reputation. The aroma of OG Kush CBD flowers is intense, with overtones of lemon, pine, and skunk. There is a distinct spicy flavor, typical of Indica strains. Now we discuss moonrocks, what they are, their benefits, and how powerful they are.

What is Moonrocks

Moonrocks are the “champagne” of the marijuana industry. Others refer to them as “cannabis caviar.”

They combine several types of marijuana rolled into one extremely strong nug. The West Coast rapper Kurupt popularized them and later copyrighted his line of moonrocks, and soon they were everywhere.

The name is appropriate because they do resemble moonrocks. Maybe it has to do with the fact that even the most seasoned pot smoker will get a crazy high from these.

How Powerful Are They

It changes from batch to batch. The effectiveness is contingent on the method of production, the manufacturer’s identity, and the ingredients’ quality.

According to Leafly, the average THC content of moonrocks is roughly 50%. To give some context, the normal THC content of dispensary staples is between 17 and 28 percent.

How Do You Use Them

Moonrocks can be smoked in a joint, bowl, vape, or pipe like any other marijuana nugget. It’s not simple to keep a flame going, and it’s incredibly dense and greasy, so using equipment like a bong or pipe is recommended.

Benefits of Moonrocks

  • They’re guaranteed to give you the ultimate high.
  • Economical; a few dabs can do a lot.
  • Fantastic for those needing a therapeutic dose of THC or anyone who wants to get high.
  • They serve dual purposes as an entertaining novelty and stimulating topic of discussion.

A Guide to Smoking Moonrocks Safely

Eat Before Smoking

In this context, “before” is the most important word. Food in your stomach can help you avoid feeling sick if a moonrock is too strong. The feeling of hunger will be reduced as a side effect.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Get yourself a gallon of water and put it next to you while smoking moonrocks; once the high kicks in, you won’t feel like moving an inch, let alone getting up to get a glass of pure H2O.

The same holds for any munchies you intend to consume after the high has taken a firm grip on your stomach and made it do a few flips. 

Choose the Right Environment

Environment and stagecraft play a significant role. To maximize the positive effects of your moonrock experience, create a relaxing and inspiring setting. You’ll be in the mood to do nothing but sit back and relax by yourself, so practice your couch-potato skills now.

Take It Easy at First

Like with edibles, it’s best to ease into it by starting small and building up to larger doses. 

Remember that your experiences with the different Og Kush delta 8 and other strains will be unique from those of other people. How you feel about different strains will depend on your body type, tolerance, what you ate before, the dose, and more. This is another good reason to always do your research before buying something new or trying something new.