Event Content 101: Turn Attendees Into Content Creators

Event Content

Events are wonderful. They bring people together to share knowledge, make things, work together, and have fun. We are witnessing a significant increase in the number of businesses using conferences to introduce their services to the global market. Because our digital age has made attending in-person events even more of a treat. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be a large organization with abundant resources to host an event that offers your consumers value. Hosting an event has a tonne of advantages, in fact. And turning your attendees into event content producers is an effective method to maximize the return on your investment. So how to do it the right way? Let’s find out!

Turn Attendees Into Content Creators

Attending events is near-perfect to expand your knowledge, meet new people who share your interests, and engage with the community.

But how can you leverage attendees’ experiences to enhance the appeal of your upcoming event? By transforming them into content creators who share the event’s social proof. Here are four practical actions to encourage guests to contribute to event content because it sounds easier said than done.

1. Create A Social Wall Through A Hashtag Campaign

Pick one or more appropriate hashtags and promote them in full force on all your event contents, including your newsletter, posters at the venue, and social media outlets. Encourage guests to utilize the hashtag while posting about and from your event by ensuring they are aware of it. 

Using its hashtag, you can keep track of what people are saying about an event. Are there any WiFi or restroom concerns, for instance? Was a keynote speech particularly enjoyable? There will undoubtedly be a social media post using your hashtag.

Add your event hashtag to an event social wall to have all desired event content appear on a screen immediately.

By adding your event hashtag to an event social wall, you can have all desired event content sent immediately to an embedded screen or platform. Once they see other participants posting on the social wall, additional guests will be motivated to do the same.

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2. Create A Community And Promote Content Creation

Knowing that your event is more than just the speaker lineup and the cocktail hour, you are an event professional. It also entails building a group of like-minded individuals with whom guests may interact and share their enthusiasm for your sector. You can develop this concept further on your event platform and encourage guests to write articles about your event. 

Your social wall can be configured to function as a virtual photo booth. It’s a great approach to developing user-generated content around your event, interacting with your audience, and enhancing engagement.

An event wall is a great conversation starter since it fosters a sense of community. On a social wall, you may gather even more user-generated content by using Direct Posts. With the help of this tool, your community can post text and image updates to your wall without using any social media sites.

These aspects are a great way to inspire people to write about your event. The best thing about them is that virtual, hybrid, and in-person events can reap the benefits.

3. Start Conversations

There are a few main subjects that participants frequently discuss when they are together. 

  • The event they are attending
  • The event’s speakers and another programming
  • Their own interests and development personally
  • They want to advance professionally as part of their job hunt or career path.
  • The difficulties they have in their careers and how their sector is developing
  • By frequently posting questions that visitors may use to start a conversation with 
  • The person next to them, a social wall can help you foster dialogues among participants.

Prepare a deck of general questions before the event and publish them every 15 to 30 minutes on a social wall that is visible on-site or online. People who see them on the event wall will be motivated to talk to them.

4. Offer Gifts In Exchange For Content Creation

Offer participants a present in exchange for posting genuine social proof about the event to encourage them to come. For the best entries, prepare some gift cards, discount codes, NFTs, or other lovely items and award them as prizes.

With a social wall gathering entries from your event hashtag, which you can utilize later for post-event content and advertising your next event, you’ll have access to every piece of social proof.

Wrapping Up!

While organizing an event, don’t forget to keep your audience at the centre. They can help you attain user-generated content from multiple social media platforms, and you can return the favour by making them content creators. This guide will help you follow the necessary steps. Get on with it!


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