Fun and Frugal Date Ideas For Teens

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When you’re 15, 16, or 17 years old, it can seem like there’s never enough money to go around. After all, you have the basic necessities of life to pay for, and if you’re in school then there’s tuition and school-related costs as well. Even if your family has good money management practices in place, those little things still add up. That’s why cheap date ideas are so important to the cash-strapped teen; they let you spend time with that special person without breaking the bank at the same time!

Barbecue picnic

Getting a kit from MeeOff is a great way to ensure you have everything you need for a delicious barbecue, with your choice of meats, some fresh vegetables, and potatoes, the fixings for coleslaw or potato salad and even dessert. It’s all delivered in one box with clear instructions that are easy to follow. All this results in tons of hands-on time for both you and your date; what could be more fun than cooking together? And who can resist all that fabulous food?

We’re including links below to three absolutely scrumptious barbecue picnic recipes from Martha Stewart. What better way to spend a summer day than with these flavorful ideas that take a little effort but are so worth it!

Scavenger hunt

MeeOff is a service that will set up scavenger hunts for you. You can get things like M&Ms, or stamps, or even tickets to an event. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but still fun, this might be a good idea. Plus they have links to tons of other scavenger’s hunts if you’re not feeling like making one of your own!

Cooking class

Take a cooking class together! This is a great way to get out of the house, learn something new, and spend time with your teen. The best part is you’ll leave with not just an idea for a great date night but also some awesome food to eat.

MeeOff- Cooking classes are a fun way to spend time together (not just on the couch!) plus you’ll walk away with some skills that you can use in the kitchen. You can find cooking classes all over the internet, but if you want to make sure they’re affordable check out Group on or Living Social. They have great deals on cooking classes so it’s worth checking them out!

Link– Cooking lessons at One Girl Cookies

Stargazing on the beach

If you’re looking for a romantic idea that’s both cheap and fun, try stargazing on the beach at night. This is a wonderful date idea because it’s simple, inexpensive, and has an element of adventure. You could also make an evening out of it by packing a picnic dinner and making some mores! If you don’t have access to a beach nearby, there are plenty of other options for stargazing within your city or town.

Hiking up a mountain

Go for a hike. Hiking is a great outdoor activity that you can do with just about anybody, even kids. The key is to find a trail that’s not too strenuous (unless you’re feeling extra adventurous), but still gets your blood pumping. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the best hikes in New York City.

Go see a comedy show

There are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to spend time with your crush. One idea would be to go see a comedy show. Comedy clubs often offer free shows during the week, which is the perfect opportunity for teens who don’t have cash to spare. It’s also a good way to spend some quality time together in a low-pressure environment.

Ice skating at nighttime in your city’s park

Have an outdoor movie theater night. Buy a bunch of blankets, order some pizza and snacks from your favorite restaurant, put on your comfiest clothes (and maybe gloves), bring some pillows/blankets to sit on, lay out all your snacks and snacks—and enjoy watching movies outside!


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