How to Draw A Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride Drawing

How to Draw A Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride is one of the few animated films ever created. Co-directed by Tim Burton, it tells a dark, twisted, yet intriguing love story.

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It is also known for its unique stop-motion animation style and unique characters. Perhaps the most recognizable character in the film is the Corpse Bride herself, as she has quite an attractive design.

However, this design can also make it difficult for film fans to learn how to draw the Corpse Bride. If you’re one of those fans and can’t wait to learn how to do it, this is the tutorial to Draw A Corpse Bride!

How to Draw A Corpse Bride

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing a corpse bride, we’ll start by drawing the face. His distinctive angular face perfectly fits Tim Burton’s signature animated character style.

Another trait he shares with other characters associated with him is his large round eyes. This is where you start, and you can draw them as round shapes with small corners.

Next, use some angular lines for the eyebrows and nose between the eyes. She has big, smiling lips to Draw A Corpse Bride.

Once you’ve drawn them, you can also use angular and curved lines to outline her face. Finally, draw the beginning of her hair and add some eyelashes around the eyes.

Step 2

In this second part of your Corpse Bride drawing, you can draw her hair and put a flower crown on her head.

First, use curved lines to draw the beginning of the outline of her hair surrounding her face and then draw some thick line details inside that outline.

Then you are ready to paint the flower crown on her head. We use gently curved lines to draw each flower on its head to complete this look to Draw A Corpse Bride.

Step 3

Now you can continue to add her hair while drawing the beginning of the veil as you begin this step of our How to Draw the Corpse Bride guide.

Use more wavy lines down her head to represent her falling hair. We’ll also add another curved line for her shoulder on the right side. Then we pull her veil and go behind her head.

It’s drawn with a thick line with lots of little notches and indentations to make it look slightly jagged. That’s all for this step, and now it’s step 4 of the guide to Draw A Corpse Bride.

Step 4

In this next step of the guide, we will add more strands of hair to your Corpse Bride drawing.

This should be easy enough for you as we will draw these strands of hair similar to how you drew the rest of her hair.

This means extending some thin wavy shapes coming down from his head, as shown in the reference image.

Once we’ve drawn the final hair, we need to draw some final details as we move on to the next step to Draw A Corpse Bride.

Step 5

This fifth step of our guide on drawing the corpse bride will finish you with some final details before coloring your creation.

Draw A Corpse Bride

The main elements we will draw in this step will be the rest of her chest and some more of the frayed veil on the right side. Once you’ve drawn these elements, you can move on to the final step!

You can also draw additional details you like for this image. One idea is to draw a background; that way, you can depict your favorite scenes and characters from the movie.

You could also draw more of her body or change things like her facial expressions; What other ideas can you think of to end this one?

Step 6

You’ve worked hard on this Corpse Bride drawing, so it’s time to finish it with some fun coloring! In our reference image, we showed you what colors we would use to represent her look in the film.

Corpse Bride Drawing

We used different shades of blue and gray to colorize it. Using multiple shades of the same colors allows you to create a more dynamic image.

You can use similar colors for your design, but you can also change it up and use some of your color options!

Your Corpse Bride Drawing is Finished!


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