Ramanagara Trek: A Complete Guide

Ramanagara Trek


With the majority of its natural beauty pure, Karnataka during the monsoon is awe-inspiring as you take a look at fog-like hazes in the form of clouds and then get soaked by a waterfall in its most natural state, or see incrediblely dense fields and forests in their lush greenery, accompanied by the praises of the rain.

In the midst of all the treks in this beautiful area The Ramanagara trek is among the top treks you can go on during the monsoon season.

Western Ghats

Ramanagara Trek is well-known for its many experiences in the middle of lush nature. You can experience the breathtaking mountain scenery and the treasures hidden in the Western Ghats by undergoing a peaceful trek within Ramnagara, Banglore. You will be able to experience tranquil nature while walking a distance of 22 kilometers through the lush vegetation of the trail. The trail has seven hills along the trek.

The longest trail in Ramanagara is the Kunagalu Betta Trek. The length of the trail is believed to be 4.3 kilometers and takes an average of one hour 29 minutes to complete the entire trek.


  • 06:30 : Morning pick-up starts at Bangalore
  • 8:30 AM: Arrive at Ramanagara campsite , and eat breakfast.
  • 09:45 AM: Then, begin the games (Paintball & Zipline)
  • 01:30 PM: Refresh and have lunch.
  • 5:30 PM: Return to Bangalore in the direction of the Big Banyan Tree
  • 07:00 PM: Meet in Bangalore

The itinerary to Ramanagar trek:

If you’re travelling on public transport, make sure you arrive at the bus stop before in the early morning. Try to get on one of the buses first. Then, you can take the direct flight to Ramanagar. Once you reach Ramanagar take a trip to the top of Rama Devara’s betta using an auto. You may depart Bangalore before 5 am or 4:30 am if you’re on the road.

There is a signboard that reads Rama Devara betta on your left (there is a bend to the right, about 2km from Ramanagar), Also, you can see the Kamaan up the hill to the right of your left as you reach it.

You could skip breakfast and go straight to the entry and you is the base of Rama Devara Betta. You will be able to enjoy an incredible taste idli Bidadi(on the route) or delicious south Indian meals within Kamath Lokaruchi (which is 8km ahead) and then walk to the Betta.

You can park your car near the gate and begin walking from there

Or you can drive your car to the entry point then park it there before walking up the steps.

It is necessary to climb around 400 steps. Once you have reached the temple, you will find an exit to the left of the temple, which will take you to the top of betta. It’s fine if you be at the top before dawn because the weather will be peaceful, and cool. You can relax in the cool breeze. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the peace. Then, you can begin walking or drive your car to the entrance to park and begin ascending the steps.

Be prepared for climbing around 400 steps. There aren’t too many problemsmakers (monkeys) at this area in comparison to Shivagange.

When you are at the temple, remember to go around to the left of the temple that leads to the top of betta.

It is best to get to the summit early in the morning. Because the weather is cool and you can take pleasure the air.

After you’ve reached the top, you should spend your time alone and spend some time in silence.

You can drink tender coconut water as you return, that you can see all along the way

Things to Bring:

  • Backpacks
  • Raincoat , as it should rain any time
  • Sippers and water bottles
  • Energy food(protein-rich etc.)
  • Medical kits
  • Jackets or sweaters to wear to wear at night
  • Sports shoes/ trekking shoes
  • Torches with batteries that are extra.
  • Track pants etc.


  • Follow the correct instructions provided in the manual.
  • Don’t use alcohol.
  • Don’t litter.